About Us

About Us:

The Young Democrats of Oklahoma is the official youth branch of the Oklahoma Democratic Party and is a chartered chapter of the Young Democrats of America. Our membership includes all Democrats in the state of Oklahoma 40 years of age and below. This includes high school, college, and young professional chapters. Our mission is to educate, recruit, and train young people to advocate for Democratic values, work as campaign professionals, and run for party and public office.

Our Team:


Joshua Harris-Till

Executive-Vice President

Brittany Bryson


Democrats President

Vice-President of Membership and Recruitment


Democrats President

Sara Moore
Sache Primeaux-Shaw
Kimberley Bishop

National Committeewoman

National Committeeman

Ashley Gabri’Ella Combs
Jacobi Cowley


Chair of the County President’s Association


Adria White
Charles L. Wilkes
Wyatt McGuire
Charles L. Wilkes
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